Sunday, March 1, 2015

Contemporary style house. Part 2

  The recent project was designed in 2012 became on the front burner by reason of perfect match of shape and color for 3d rendering. A background information about the original project I had posted at May, 2013 and I`ve got some random preliminary drawings to upload today.
  The piled foundations and retaining walls were used in original project was mainly responsible for abandonment of a structural design. A steep grade of the site and near ground level making the use of deep traditional foundations uneconomic. Therefore a project was completed at the stage of conceptual design, further plans were dropped due to lack of funding.
Short description.
The open-concept living space spills out to a large rear deck on the first level. Upstairs, two bedroom and exercise room have acces to a second-story skylight brightens the dining room. A master bedroom shares a bath with big walk in closet on the upper floor. 
Take the stairs to the lower level, where another two guest bedroom, a sauna, and a swimming pool create a comfortable retreat for special guests. 

A geometric house plan offer flexible space and flexible usage, allowing the homeowner to tailor the home's functionality to their lifestyle.

Bedrooms: 5
Half Baths: 5 Baths: 2
Living Area: 1,507 sq.ft. 
Width: 49'   Depth: 78'

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Tourist shelter and Museum of art products

This project was designed to create a multifunctional complex in the landscaping area. At the heart of the park is located a recreational and cultural area with the opportunity for rest, cultural and spiritual development. 
   It is envisaged to establish a tourist shelters, canopies, gift shop, summer dining room, sauna, billiard room, a winter dining room, museum of art products, a summer terrace, artificial stream, playground and car park on the site. The plot area is 21 500 sq ft approximately.
The wattle and daub technique was main idea of this project.
Wattle and daub is a composite building material used for making walls, in which a woven lattice of wooden strips is daubed with a material made of combination of clay, sand and straw. This technique is becoming popular again in more developed areas as a low-impact sustainable building technique.
Also it was added a traditional dormer windows in a pitched roof with sedge and straw layering.
The wooden timber frame elements was being used in hipped end roof therefore a single element of a frame can often be shaped and detailed in a variety ways.
The kingpost as a prominent component of many frame designs has been embellished in countless ways. A few of this possibilities are designed in this project. As well as, the kingpost and other similar frame members lend themselves well to lively displays of the impulse to ornament the buildings.
Also it was provided a set of practices to prevent a fire hazard
The vast majority of fires are linked to the use of wood burners and faulty chimneys with degraded or poorly inserted or maintained flues. This can be avoided by ensuring that the chimney is in good condition, which may involve stripping thatch immediately surrounding the chimney to the full depth of the stack.
All thatched roofs should have smoke detectors in the roof space. Spray-on fire retardant or pressure impregnated fire retardants can reduce the spread of flame and radiated heat output.
  1. Summer dining room
  2. Sauna, billiard room
  3. Tourist shelter, winter dining room
  4. WC
  5. Gift shop
  6. Museum of art products
  7. Canopy
  8. Artificial stream
  9. Car park
  10. Highway
 The complex is designed like a mixture of culture and recreation area. Its equipment fleet will be able to meet the modern requirements of residents and tourists to recreation, leisure, entertainment and other planning areas allows for the possibility of unforeseen transformations in the future.
Currently under construction.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rebuilding of the International Innovative University

This project was designed  to increase a number of classrooms and lecture halls for International Innovative University located at the coast of Caucasus. The original sketch was supposed to look like this:
The 17-story concrete structure being added  to existing  building with two-level dining facility on the top floor and outdoor parking in the low levels, also with two classrooms on each floor.

Customer suggested a revolving  dome-shaped restaurant atop the building with panoramic views of neighborhoods and glass elevator cabs were pulled from their enclosed shafts. However, after discussion we dismissed that idea for technical and financial reasons.
The area of each lecture auditorium  - 105 sq. m; 
Facades is covered a stained glass to provide a sunlight into premises, also special attention was paid to fire safety and geological surveys.

The design responds to severe site constraints by presenting a new gateway to the complex as well as establishing a new architectural reference for the existing university building.