Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Renovation of 3 stars hotel "Fregat”

 The building is located on the East coast of the Black Sea was renovated and re-builted for enlargement area to create a full service hotel and cafe facilities.  On the nearby area is placed an Amusement Park with Ferris wheel and urban square. The project is provide technical arrangements to add a second floor in the left wing of the building and covered outdoor area on the right side.
In the center of attached two-storey cafe is located a courtyard with fountain, flowerpots and sculptures. Design of the ground level must be provided for layout of nearby internal road and littoral zone therefore configuration of the building is got a shifted form.
 The renovated building have vertical glazing facades along the perimeter of the construction. Also its partially changed landscape near building with established parking and recreational area for improvement of public and urban services.
Additional video project (Lumion free version)
An exclusive design  by Serge Vladinov and S&A Projects  for private customer. 
Architectural Rendering: Serge Vladinov.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chalet style House

  Another single family house project was designed as the combination of monolithic concrete and masonry.  To make sure that the customer need is taken into consideration in developing project features we proposed several draft of elevations. The most recent decision in a chain of decisions yet to follow became a Chalet style house.
  Located in the mountain area on a piece of land that is just an acre in size, the Chalet home was designed with minimal set of premises. The only thing that distinguishes the house style is its vertical glazing of the main facade. Drawing on the rustic farmhouses of the European Alps, the building has a gently sloping  pitched roof and raised stone foundation.
  The master bedroom is secluded upstairs with its own bath; although, a nearby great room can be used for  guests. An open main floor plan allows the kitchen, living room, and dining area to relax and feel at one with nature.There are two children`s  bedrooms on the third-floor loft with detached baths and game rooms.

1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor

Bedrooms: 4/Half Baths:  3/Baths: 1/Living Area: 1,507 sq.ft.
Width: 26'/Depth: 33'
An exclusive design  by Serge Vladinov and S&A Projects  for private customer. 
Architectural Rendering: Serge Vladinov.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Neoclassical House

 The first design for this project is represents a Fachwerk style house with half-timbered construction.  
It has a unique appeal with a tinge of antiquity. "Contemporary timber frame hybrids take a page from past building traditions and frequently apply timber construction where its structural function is clearest, and where it has the greatest visual impact - in the roof." (Anthony F.Zaya and Tim Diener). However,  a neoclassical style was selected as a suitable and house was redesigned. We used our preffered construction methods to give people the opportunity to use the living spaces in their house in different ways, by placing the removable inside walls with central supporting columns by spacing of 6 meters (19,6 ft). The house plan was developed with each dwelling based on rectangular form.
 Upon entering the home through the covered porch, decorative columns grace the end of the foyer and distinguish it from the adjacent living and dining rooms. At the center of the home the dining room, completely open to the kitchen, features a coffered ceiling and fireplace. French doors from the dining room and great room provide entry to the patio.
 On the attic floor, situated for privacy on the far left side of the home, the master suite showcases a tray ceiling and a huge walk-in closet.  On the opposite side, two family bedrooms have a two detached baths.  
The removable walls has been replaced by masonry during the construction.
1st floor
Attic floor
Bedrooms: 4/Half Baths: 3/Baths: 2/Living Area: 2,335 sq.ft./Width: 39'/Depth: 59'
An exclusive design  by Serge Vladinov and S&A Projects  for private customer. 
Architectural Rendering: Serge Vladinov.