Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Plank arbors for fishing and recreation

  The planning site with arbors is located on margin of an artificial pond. Current project was designed for improved landscaping near a cultural park and sea shore located within short distance of living district. For this reason existing arbors were dismantled and new contemporary constructions designed as an alternative for the landscape complex.
  The park is conceived as a mutable ground for hydrologic, ecological, and programmatic adaptation. The park`s topography provides open air arbors and spaces for events and activities, wind protection and suitable habitats for vegetation. The topography has also been designed to control the views and site-lines for the visitor.
  The project of arbors provides assembly of wood framing and decking.  Also wood pile piers are erected on the front side of construction. The project is under review at present time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Renovation of aerarium for the beachfront Disco bar

  The project site is an approximate area of 74 100 sq.ft located on the beach. The shoreline is approximately 390 ft long (project north south) and the site width is 190 ft (project east west). Construction of aerarium was began in 1950th and discontinued at 1960.
  After a lapse of several years it was completely dilapidated, also the metal frame became rusty and unfit for service. The new building was designed on two levels with a total floor space of 7500 sq.ft.
 The vertical load bearing elements are columns made from a spiral-type steel tube, laid in concrete. The horizontal load-bearing elements are two way stressed conventional reinforced concrete slabs cast in casings of the Almex systems. The span of the columns for the building  is 6.5 and 16 ft and the storeys are 9 ft high. The character of the building in massing, materials, facades and interior furnishing and decoration is an interpretation of Disco style.
  On the ground level there are ancillary facilities and coffee-house and on the next floor is situated a wide open terrace. An staircase leads from the beach level to the roof terrace. The door of the main entrance on the ground floor are of lightweight steel structures. 
  The arrangement includes new swimming pool and small architectural forms. On the shore there are subsidiary premises with a beachfront equipment. Furthermore, the ocean breeze carries salt in it that sparks the creation of rust quickly and will rapidly eat through tables and other outdoor equipment if it isn’t properly protected against. That’s why it makes so much sense to spend a bit more when getting outdoor tables and chairs to protect them. The project is ready and disco bar is partially under construction.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Renovation of summerhouse

  This small brick summerhouse is located 500 meters from the beach, on the dune of a small pine and oak forest. The design is inspired by the surrounding countryside, representing a continuation and extension of landscape architecture, while the structure of the landscape and the footprints of the ruins are key to its design.
  The main characteristics of the site for this house were its flatness, its location 100 meters above sea level and the magnificent views to the surrounding valleys and mountains. The existing part of the house was partially devastated by earthquake, therefore it was condemned as unfit for people to live in.
  The project was designed with enlargement of building by additions to the structure on the left side. The layout of the house is simple, being divided into two zones. On one side are the dining room and study, including the kitchen and also the storage areas. On the other side, an open space flows through the two levels from the entrance and through the stairwell to the second floor where the bedrooms are located.
Ground floor
2nd floor
  The house is organized on two floors. Living spaces and the great room are on the entrance level, oriented towards the south and the beach view.  The ground floor contains the kitchen and study, with natural light entering from the screen porch and the great room.  The bedrooms are placed on the upper level shares with individual baths and balconies. 

  Timber was choosen as the main construction material for roof because it allowed for the greatest flexibility in relation to planning and structure, given the limitations of the location and building regulations. Currently under construction.
 Bedrooms: 4 | Baths: 6 | Living Area: 2,790 sq.ft. | Width: 49' | Depth: 45'